FAQs and Program Rules

Who participates and how many participants are there?

The Challenge is open to commercial buildings and business in the Los Angeles South Bay area (see a list and map of cities), who are served by Southern California Edison and Southern California Gas Company.

Can non-commercial office spaces participate?

We welcome participation of retail, hospitality, and other spaces, though the Challenge activities are specifically developed with commercial office spaces in mind.

How long will the Challenge run?

The Challenge kicks off on September 1, 2015 and will continue through August 31, 2016. Following the Challenge completion, we will announce the awards and winners.

How much does it cost to participate?

Participation is free.

Can businesses or property managers with multiple locations participate?

Yes. Each location will enroll separately.

Can people in my company collaborate as a team?

Yes. You can work in teams with an unlimited number of collaborators. Each team member can have their own GreenPSF login to access the application.

Can I participate as both a building and a tenant?

We realize that some property managers also manage an office within the building, and we'd like to welcome you to participate as both property manager and tenant. You will receive recognition for both types of participation at the end of the program year.

How do I know if I'm the admin? How do I invite and manage other participants in my company?

If you are the admin of a company or building, you will see additional information about the company and other participants in the Property or Space Access menu when logged in. You are free to make anyone else in your company an admin so they also have editing and approval powers.

How does the Challenge support participant success?

The Knowledge Center contains a wealth of information related to all of the activities released thus far, as well as other relevant topics. We are always happy to answer questions - contact our team at 310-371-7222 or gbc@southbaycities.org.

How many and what types of activities are in the Challenge?

The Challenge consists of nearly 80 activities in the categories of Energy, Water, Waste, Purchasing, Transportation, Outreach, and Innovation. New activities will be added throughout the Challenge often so be sure to watch for program updates and check back often.

If we already have an activity in place in our office, can we receive points?

To provide recognition for past leadership, participants may receive credit for up to 4 Activities completed within three years of the Challenge start date (September 1, 2015). The Challenge also offers opportunities for offices to earn points for actively improving, expanding, or educating on existing sustainability efforts.

How will I know the latest news related to the Challenge?

We communicate through a variety of modes. After registering you will begin receiving our e-newsletter, which includes upcoming events, participant highlights and shoutouts, as well as other relevant and interest news. We also encourage you to follow us on social media to have even more fun and get up-to-date news on South Bay Cities Council of Government's Facebook page.

What kind of events will there be?

We will be hosting training events to help you successfully implement sustainable office practices and networking events to connect you with like-minded businesses. Events will be announced in our e-newsletter and posted on the Challenge website.

How will you determine success and awards in the Challenge?

Participants will be awarded based on business type and size, points earned, and measured reductions in energy, water and waste.
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