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Chicago Green Office Challenge

Chicago's Challenge is designed to help buildings and businesses improve sustainability and energy efficiency in the workplace. Join the program to reduce energy, water, and waste – and make Chicago a better place to work and live. Learn more about the program.

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We're always on the move when it comes to building a more sustainable Chicago! Keep up with these featured events, activities, and tips.

Upcoming Event

Mar 18: Energy Efficiency Webinar

Tune in to our webinar at 12:00pm to learn about cost saving efficiency measures you can take home!

Featured Activity

Recruit a Peer Business

Encourage your peer businesses to join the Challenge and earn 25 points for every business that registers.

Best Practice

Track Energy Use

Tracking your energy use can help you prove the success of your efforts and further your energy efficiency agenda!

We think the Chicago Green Office Challenge is terrific. But don't take our word for it – check out what others in the community are saying. Contact us to share your perspective.

Built for Business

It has been inspiring to see the Chicago Green Office Challenge grow from a simple idea of a friendly competition to engage Chicago businesses, into a meaningful driver of environmental footprint reduction in cities across the U.S.

Yalmaz Siddiqui
Senior Director of Environmental Strategy, Office Depot

Backed by Government

The Green Office Challenge is an impact-focused competition that works with local companies and their employees to reduce environmental impact while saving money and driving positive business results.

Karen Weigert
Chief Sustainability Officer, City of Chicago

Supported by Non-Profits

Through galvanizing business leadership in sustainability, the Challenge reduces our collective impact on the environment through reductions in energy, waste and water, while increasing the efficiency of our economy.

Jean Pogge
CEO, Delta Institute