Our Sponsors

The Challenge is made possible by support from our generous sponsors, each of whom demonstrates an outstanding commitment to fostering sustainability and the well-being of our community. Companies are perfect Challenge sponsors through leadership that builds momentum and scale to benefit human health, the environment and the economy. Learn about sponsorship opportunities.


As we work to help meet the world's growing energy needs we aim to bring benefits to local communities and reduce impacts of our operations, including tackling greenhouse gas emissions. Our core values of honesty, integrity and respect for people have been laid out in the Shell General Business Principles for over 30 years.

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Central Houston

At Central Houston, Inc. we believe that vision, commitment and collaboration are the keys to building a great city. Others, in the public and private sectors, join us in this belief. Together we have achieved much to the benefit of downtown Houston and we will continue to pioneer creative concepts and solutions as we build a stronger, more vibrant central city. Since 1983, Central Houston has been the steward of Houston’s vision for the redevelopment and revitalization of downtown. Central Houston has contributed to the momentum of this exciting revitalization by enhancing collaboration among public officials, developers and businesses.

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Buildings are the world's largest consumer of energy and water, and our goal is to help them use less. GreenPSF enables buildings to achieve profitable sustainability through better information, competition, and transparency. Our digital marketplace connects building owners, managers, and users with qualified solutions providers including product manufacturers, installers, lenders, and utilities. Users profile their buildings, discover savings opportunities, and list projects for solutions providers to compete for and win.

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