About IREM® Sustainability

A decade ago, if someone uttered the words "going green" to a property manager, they were probably labeled a tree hugger. At the time, energy efficiency and sustainability were in the early adoption phase in the commercial real estate industry – and utility costs were about 30–40% less than they are today. What a difference a decade makes. Efficient buildings have gone mainstream – with technology, finance, and best practices rapidly evolving in the process. If you haven't already upped your game, chances are you'll soon lose some business opportunities.

IREM® Sustainability is a revolutionary program to help property managers pursue efficient buildings – from insight to action. The program consists of three integrated parts, including software, a challenge competition, and a brand new property-level certification.

The database software, called Green Per Square Foot, puts a wealth of information at your fingertips and makes it easy to take action. You can profile your buildings, find savings opportunities, and connect with solutions providers to do projects. GreenPSF dramatically simplifies the process of implementing efficiency projects – including engaging owners and tenants to get buy-in. You can even find incentives and get financing.

The IREM® Sustainable Property Challenge is a friendly competition to operate the most efficient building. You can earn points to move up a leaderboard, and compare your performance to peers along the way. The top performer will be rewarded with fabulous prizes.

Finally, we've developed a new mark of distinction for high-performance buildings: IREM® Certified Sustainable Property. By completing core activities in the Challenge, you can earn this building-level certification. In contrast to other green certifications, our certification program is pragmatic, action-oriented, and within reach of most buildings.

On behalf of IREM®, we hope you'll engage with IREM® Sustainability in 2019 and beyond. Your clients will be glad you did.

Russ Salzman


Russ Salzman, CAE, IOM, RCE
CEO/Executive Vice President
Institute of Real Estate Management