Engage Stakeholders collaborate among owners, managers, and users

Engaging Stakeholders in Sustainability

Whether upgrading lighting, installing a green roof, or getting IREM Certified, green building initiatives usually require collaboration among multiple stakeholders. While every project is different, the illustration below highlights common steps in the process. Click the steps to learn how GreenPSF can help move your projects forward.

Find Opportunities

Benchmark your buildings and identify ways to save energy, water and waste.

Find Savings
Quantify ROI

Get an energy audit to validate savings and perform a cost-benefit analysis.

Get an Audit
Spec Project

Start a project and we'll help you create a Request for Proposal.

Start a Project
Get Bids

Get competitive bids from qualified solutions providers.

Start a Project
Secure Funding

Search 6,000+ financial incentives and compare dozens of project lenders.

Get Funding
Finalize Contract

Getting projects done often involves coordinating among different stakeholders. We've built software and compiled resources to help you during the process.

Property Owner
Property Owners
Corporate Users / Tenants
Facility Manager
Property & Facility Managers
Building Engineer
Building Engineers & Staff
Architects, Engineers, & Consultants
Contractors & System Integrators

GreenPSF Collaboration Tools

To help you engage stakeholders and keep projects moving forward, GreenPSF offers a variety of online resources as well as support from experienced experts.

Organize & Share Key Data

Property Access app screen

Share access to properties, utility data, documents, and other sustainability-related data.

Facilitate Projects

GreenPSF Projects app screen

Create electronic RFPs, solicit project bids, and compare proposals with team members.

Engage Tenants

Spaces Access app screen

Profile spaces within buildings and invite business tenants to explore savings opportunities.

Use GreenPSF's collaboration tools for your green building initiatives.

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Additional Resources for Stakeholder Engagement

We've assembled a variety of resources to help you align stakeholders and get your projects done.

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