How it Works for contractors, manufacturers, distributors, engineers, and consultants

When IREM® members bid energy & sustainability projects, you get qualified leads.

Promote your company to 19,000 IREM® property managers:

Profile Your Company

Profile your company, its products and services, and geographic areas served. Include testimonials from existing clients.

Market Your Services

Promote your company to over 19,000 IREM® property managers.

Win New Contracts

Respond to Requests for Proposal (RFPs) when property managers bid their energy & sustainability projects.

Offer Special Deals

Create limited-time, limited quantity offers and promote them directly to a highly targeted audience.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does GreenPSF generate leads for my company?

Through partnerships with Penton (parent owner of dozens of business media brands), real estate services firms, and trade associations, we reach over 650,000 building owners, managers, and businesses – including office, industrial, retail, multi-family, and special purpose properties. We proactively market opportunities to improve efficiency for energy, water, and waste to this audience.

How does the process work for building owners and managers?

Building owners, managers, and users use GreenPSF to profile their properties and are presented with savings opportunities. Then they bid projects to companies that provide matching solutions in their geographic locations.

Who decides which companies receive RFPs to bid on projects?

Buyers choose who to invite to bid on their projects; typically 3-4 solutions providers at a time. During the selection process, decision makers review your company's GreenPSF profile – including qualifications, experience, ratings & reviews, etc.

What's the process for bidding on a project?

Your company receives invitations to bid on energy & sustainability projects, then decides whether to participate. You submit your proposal directly to the customer, who evaluates options and awards the contract.

Does it cost money to join GreenPSF and build a company profile?

The service is free to join and profile your company.

How does my company build its profile?

Sign up or log in and click Update Company Profile. Add your company's experience and qualifications, and ask existing clients for testimonials about your work.

Does it cost money to bid on a contract?

It's free to receive RFPs and submit proposals. If you are awarded the contract, there is a pre-arranged, one-time "finder's fee" commission that varies based on contract scope and size.

Are advertising or sponsorship options available?

Yes. To help your company stand out and win more business, you can create featured profiles, display banner ads, sponsor emails and webinars, as well as other opportunities. Contact us for more information.

Who do I contact for more information?

Fill out the contact form, or contact us directly at (888) 950-0474 or

What Others Say

Imperial Lighting has been working with GreenPSF for over a year and we have found great value in the relationship. We have been awarded several projects which were both profitable and worthwhile. GreenPSF made the introduction, performed the audit, educated the client, and "sold" the project to the client...then we did the work. GreenPSF brings us new opportunities on a regular basis. Their format is new and exciting and we see great value in continuing our relationship.

Scott Mendelsohn
Imperial Lighting

As our industry has evolved, the solutions have become much more complex. GreenPSF takes care of the ground work so we can focus on what we do best: supply and install.

Bobby Graham
Bobby Graham
Facility Solutions Group

We’ve had the pleasure of working with GreenPSF for just over a year. They’ve added value for us in that the opportunities that they bring are vetted, audits are accurate, and the customers are typically ready to move. This obviously saves time and effort on our end because all of the upfront work, to include marketing, auditing, and customer education, are already done for us. The GreenPSF team is easy to work with and their process is definitely worth our time.

Michael McAlinden
Michael McAlinden
Co-founder, Director