How it Works for governments and trade associations

Leading governments and trade associations run GreenPSF:

Leverage GreenPSF to engage businesses and buildings in sustainability.

Create a Sustainability Challenge

  • Establish a competition for businesses and buildings
  • Participants complete activities to move up a leaderboard
  • Friendly competition inspires action and gets results

Engage Participants

  • Online platform provides a roadmap for pursuing sustainability
  • Leaderboard compares performance and recognizes achievement
  • Knowledge Center facilitates sharing information

Inspire Action

  • Provide tailored recommendations to save energy, water, and waste
  • Showcase government and utility project incentives
  • Connect businesses with Solutions Providers to do projects

Centralize Key Data

  • Organize people, buildings, and businesses on single platform
  • Sync utility data with Energy Star Portfolio Manager
  • Track participation and measure results

Facilitate Collaboration

  • Help property managers engage business tenants
  • Share resources and data with local utilities and governments
  • Learn from other communities that are running Challenge programs

Get Measurable Results

  • Track activity on an ongoing basis
  • Quantify and report progress toward sustainability goals