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How the Solutions Provider Network Works

With GreenPSF, solutions providers compete to make your buildings more efficient. But just who are these companies, and how does the process work? Below are answers to frequently asked questions.

What types of companies are in the network?

The network includes contractors, product manufacturers, distributors, design/engineering firms, consultants, and project finance companies. Through partnerships with media companies and trade associations, coverage now includes thousands of leading companies throughout North America.

Who can join the network?

Companies that provide energy & sustainability products and services can join and create a free profile.

How are companies qualified?

Companies with a completed profile, project case studies, client references, and verified credentials are upgraded to qualified status.

How do I solicit bids for a project?

Start a Project and create your Request for Proposal (RFP). Once you've spec'd the work, you'll invite individual companies to bid. (Note: we'll assign a project administrator to guide you through the process, from start-to-finish.)

Who bids on my project?

There are three ways to choose bidders:

  1. Research companies in the network and pick your favorites
  2. Invite a company you've worked with in the past
  3. Ask us for recommendations, and we'll vet some candidates on your behalf

Who am I contracting with to do actual project work?

When you award a project, you'll contract directly with your chosen vendor.

How does GreenPSF make money?

If you bid a project through our platform, the winning bidder pays us a one-time finder's fee. We also have advertisers throughout our network of websites.