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Trash compactors reduce the total volume of your solid waste. Compaction lowers waste pickup costs, reduces odor, and helps control pests. A trash compactor reduces the total volume of your trash, allowing you to dispose of more trash at once and prevent unnecessary and costly return visits from your trash hauler.

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How it Works

Large commercial trash compactors are often located next to your dumpster or trash chute. This allows the compactor to deliver the compacted trash directly into your dumpster. Trash compactors are easy to operate and require minimal maintenance. Trash compactors eliminate loose trash and help you fit about twice as much waste in one dumpster.

How You Save

Savings are seen from fewer scheduled trash pickups. Peripheral benefits include less loose trash on your property, reduced odor, and fewer pests.

Ideal For

Any facility that produces large amounts of compactable waste, including malls, restaurants, hotels, and multi-family residences.

Implementation Considerations

Trash compactors are useful for recycling, too. Bottles, cans, and boxes can be compacted to fractions of their original size.