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By performing a solid waste stream audit, you can improve the effectiveness of your waste management system and reduce waste hauling costs. Waste stream auditors sort through your building’s refuse, implement effective recycling strategies, and reduce the amount of garbage your building generates. Reduced waste can lead to significant savings from your garbage collector.

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How it Works

Waste stream audits can be performed in-house or by EPA-certified contractors. The waste auditors will collect and sort through a week’s worth of trash to achieve the following:

- Identify the composition and amount of waste your facility generates
- Analyze the effectiveness of your current waste management systems
- Determine how to improve your current waste management system and strategy

A successful waste stream audit will give you a clear plan for improving waste efficiency as well as a baseline for measuring the effectiveness of new strategies.

How You Save

Whether your waste management service charges you by volume or weight, reducing landfill waste will save you money. For weight-based programs, increased reuse or recycling of materials has proven an effective strategy for many businesses. For volume-based programs, it may be worthwhile to invest in a trash compactor.

Ideal For

All facilities-- from offices to factories to construction sites-- generate waste. The larger your business, or the more waste your facility generates, the more you stand to save on waste reduction.

Implementation Considerations

For large facilities, waste stream audits can take up to 5 days. Management must be made aware of the impending audit, but staff should not be told, as it may alter their waste disposal behavior.  Many businesses have privacy concerns, so certified waste stream auditors are not allowed to read or remove any documentation from the site.