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Waste disposal contracts often include charges for each pick up and container size. In many instances, the waste hauler picks up your trash more frequently than needed, resulting in unnecessarily high waste removal costs. By auditing your solid waste stream and re-bidding your waste contract, you can implement the most cost-effective waste hauling program available.

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How it Works

Before renewing your current waste removal contract, you can open your contract up for bid by sending bid solicitations to multiple trash contractors. Potential waste haulers will analyze your waste generation and determine the ideal trash and recycling program for you. Waste stream auditors will look at how often your trash and recycling is collected, as well as your container size and whether or not your containers are full when picked up.

How You Save

By reducing pickups, reducing container size, or implementing a recycling program, re-bidding waste contracts can help building owners reduce their waste removal costs by over 10%.

Ideal For

All facilities, especially those that generate a large amount of waste.

Implementation Considerations

It is sometimes more cost-effective to bid trash and recycling separately, but if you decide to use two waste contractors, remember to consider your cost for time spent due to increased management oversight.